Kelly and Brandon, Wilkes Engagement


Kelly and Brandon have been together 8 years! They met in the choir of their college chorus at Wilkes University their freshman year. I always love these type of love stories because I look back at who I dated when I was that young and thank my lucky stars we didn’t end up together haha! I think it’s so awesome and so special when a couple can “grow up” together and go through all of life’s changes and still want to be with one another.

We started their session in front of the very building they met one another. We walked all around campus where it all began - we even took photos where they had their first kiss!! This is another reason I love photographing engagement sessions so much - you get to hear all of the history behind the couple and what makes them “them”.

Kelly and Brandon seemed so seamlessly comfortable together. She said her favorite thing about Brandon is “that she loves his drive to succeed and how much pride he has in making others happy, whether it be with his friends and family or at home. He has a huge heart and shares a bit of it with everyone he cares about. “

Kelly said that they have been together for so long that finally getting married will be the perfect closing of one chapter and the perfect beginning of a new chapter together.

I can’t wait to celebrate the two of them with all of their family and friends next year ;)

amanda makala