Gigi & Ryan, Constantinos Wedding


WOOHOOO I’m back in action! This is my first wedding back after having my baby girl, and I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to celebrate a new wedding season with! I first met Gigi by herself because Ryan was away for work, so when I met them both for the first time together it was at their engagement session. They have a special place they like to hang out called the Blue Ridge Winery, and when I met them there I instantly could see why! The place is gorgeous and the owners and staff are amazing!

I always say how much I love engagement sessions because it really helps me get to know my couples and it builds a relationship and trust between us. So much so that when I told them I was pregnant and due close to their wedding date, I gave them the option to choose another photographer, and their response almost made me cry, okay maybe I did cry haha! They didn’t want to go with another photographer - they said they felt like they had such a good relationship with me and they didn’t want anyone else photographing their wedding! As a photographer I felt like this was my “I made it moment”! I want my clients to love me and trust me and these two totally did (THANK YOU for that!)!

Their wedding day started out sunny and was calling for a chance of storms. We were all watching the radar and hoping and praying it would pass. Unfortunately, it started pouring about 30 minutes before their outdoor ceremony was due to start. The staff at Constantinos knew how much they wanted their ceremony outside so they tried to wait it out a bit, but the rain was persistant and heavy. They quickly switched the ceremony site over to the covered patio - and I have to say as a photographer you want the BEST location for your clients so normally I too would be disappointed, but this patio wasn’t like other patios. The sides of the patio were able to be rolled up and the background became as if we were still outside in the gardens.

The patio quickly filled with all the people that love and adore Gigi and Ryan. Their ceremony was so special, Ryan’s uncle got ordained so he could personally marry the two of them. Now I’ve been to MANY weddings and I have to give him a special shout out because he performed one of the best wedding ceremonies I’ve ever heard! There was laughter and tears and my heart grew even bigger after hearing both Ryan and Gigi’s personal vows. The two of them couldn’t be more perfect for each other and their vows actually proved it. It was as if they stole words out of each other’s mouths - their vows almost matched word for word in a few parts!

Thanks be to God the rain stopped just in time for pictures (YAAAAY) and I did all sorts of happy dancing inside because my favorite part of the whole day is portrait time - and who could blame me because they looked gorgeous - their entire bridal party looked like they stepped out of a magazine!

We then headed into party and oh my gosh did this crowd like to party! I had SO MUCH fun, and again couldn’t have asked for a better couple, family, guests, venue, etc. to start off my wedding season with <3

amanda makala